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If you've been dreaming of warm romantic images that don't sacrifice healthy skin tones - Denim + Salt Presets are perfect for you! You're just a few clicks away from wrapping your clients in a sun-kissed glow and a big warm hug! These presets are like snuggling up on the beach with your favorite pair of britches watching the sun dance around in a cotton candy sky.

From sunset to sunrise and the journey in between, Denim + Salt helps you simply and beautifully edit your images in a variety of lighting scenarios. Denim + Salt Presets were created with a heart for golden fields and sea oats... Whether you're strolling down a dusty dirt road or drawing hearts in the sand, these presets can help you streamline your workflow so that you can serve and love your clients wholeheartedly without wasting time behind your computer.

Where the grass tickles your feet and the waves kiss your toes.
Where romance meets warmth and a hug lasts longer than goodbye. 

where denim meets salt

big awkward hugs - sharon elizabeth

>> If you want rich and warm photos but struggle to achieve healthy skin tones

>> If you love golden browns and warm grass tones

>> If you want to spend more time loving on your clients

>> If you strive for a more consistent style and brand

>> If you love color but don't want color stealing the show

>> If you love a black and white that gives you #allthfeels

View the world in sun-washed glasses and rich warm tones...
Where every sunrise and every sunset is golden hour. 

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15 Color Presets

It's time you see that a warm romantic edit is possible for you - and you don't have to sacrifice discolored skin tones either! Now you can spend less time behind the computer fiddling with sliders and more time behind your camera loving on your clients!

5 Black and White Presets

4 Tutorial Walkthrough Videos

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Frequently Asked Questions

You will need Adobe Lightroom 5 or newer or Mobile Lightroom.

What Program do I need?

With your purchase, you will also receive tutorials walking you through how you can maximize the edits to tailor to your specific needs.

what if i want to make tweaks?

Not a problem, presets are a great option for you and because you're also receiving a How to guide and tutorials walking you through how to make adjustments, you'll be just fine! A basic understanding of Lightroom is recommended though.

what if i'm not a great editor?

Ooooo friend, send me an email – I’ve got you! I want you 100% confident in your decision to rock out your edits!

What if I have more questions?

What if i want a refund?

Due to the nature of the product, all sales are final. 

Are these presets right for me?

If you want a warm toned image, YES! If you are seeking after a film based edit, NO!

How do i use the presets?

Upon purchase of Denim + Salt Preset Collection, you'll receive a How to guide walking you through the installation process!

Can i share these presets with a friend?

We kindly ask that you do not - please refer to our terms and conditions for further information.